International Commerce Trump Style

The astonishing and calculating intellectual and emotionless stamina by today’s international players has made a mockery of all things traditional in the sense of corporate strategies and falling to one’s knee out of respect based on age and ‘time in business’ hierarchy. Respect is earned by originality in strategy, influence and contacts among the obvious ability to lead and force the hand on industry trends.

Donald Trump has accomplished this by taking real estate transactions that, to most, would be considered dead deals yet with Trump’s PR mastery he is able to twist situations to his advantage while projecting a presence where investors step into a position of strength by vicarious existence through association with Trumps project of the moment.

James Scott does with regional economics and global positioning what Trump does with real estate. When all hope is lost and citizens crumble beneath the crushing waves of fiscal hopelessness there is one man that can help. Scott uses the negatives to his advantage and the adverse public opinion polling to fuel his economic alchemy.

When hiring men like these egos must be dissolved and traditional methods are obsolete. Though the good ole’ boy club exists and runs rampant those who dictate the tide will never bow to the authorities that claim to govern.

“It’s the notion of pulling a population out of absolute demise that attracts me to the most difficult turnaround projects” says Scott, “The idea that the existence of those within a certain geography can be offset and corrected with concepts that fly in the face of mainstream theory is what I find most rewarding; the further away from traditional economic tactics, the more the appeal.”

Now, of course few men sporting unwavering confidence flanked by influential legions who obey orders and control their collection of minions rarely start from nothing so it is important for ‘upstarts’ to take reality into consideration when comparing the benchmarks of one’s career to those existing in the world of the above notable mentions.

Donald Trump’s father put him in the best schools and universities with a focus on business management and gave him a bankroll of over $100m to start off his career. His love of all things celebrity and unquenchable thirst for the spotlight makes him a force to be reckoned with when concepts are plugged into the publicity machine to spin negative press into positive reviews.

James Scott’s entry into economic relevance was nurtured and cultivated by the hybrid influence of global corporate headmasters and senior political madmen. A majority of his education contributing to his occupation came from one on one, real life training by mentors with very little applicable concepts derived from traditional university curriculum.

Trump was given cash liquidity to drive his worldwide kingdom while Scott was endowed with intellectual capital catering to an acute skillset placing him, by default, in a position of control in an international arena.

The fame and fortune of Donald Trump is, by his device, published in tabloids, magazines and online and with his hit reality show ‘The Apprentice’ his mainstream fame will only snowball as his name represents a brand on the cutting edge of entrepreneurial influence. James Scott on the other hand enjoys the submersion beneath the invisibility cloak with no desire to be in the public eye. The privacy measures and quiet but constantly calculating presence of Scott has made him the center of attention of conspiracy buffs where Scotts refusal to respond has perpetuated his legend.

These men will not bend and they won’t compromise with concepts that would take them outside of the originality by which they’ve become associated. Peripheral vision is substituted with laser emphasis and the ability to focus without distraction. Insecurity is replaced with relentless drive. It’s been said that James Scott sleeps three hours per night and works seven days per week and when asked how he is able to function at such a high level beneath the weight of such self-imposed deprivation his response was, “I’m able to function because I don’t have a choice. Those out to hinder my processes sleep 5 hours a night and work six days per week. The added hours per week give me a competitive advantage.”

As, soon to be graduates of this MBA program we can look to these men and others like them for guidance on entrepreneurial survival, massive economic burden restructuring and eclectic combinations of strategy that bring the originality factor into the equation to offset competitors and press the evolutionary path of commerce.

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