Is Aaron Rodgers the next Steve Young?

Question by roadkill ☠: Is Aaron Rodgers the next Steve Young?
Is Aaron Rodgers the next Steve Young? I haven’t seen a team want to “move on” from a football legend like Green Bay since Joe Montana.

before I’m corrected – I know Joe lost his job “to injury” & he wasn’t playing “retirement” games with the hearts of a city, team & fanbase.

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Answer by *Killer Peaches* is Steve Harris
Yes and no.

He is in the unenviable position of replacing a legend. That in and of itself is almost a guaranteed FAIL.

As I see it, Young had 3 things going for him that Rodgers doesn’t (And…speaking as a Bay Area Native…he still had to go on to win a SuperBowl before we really embraced the poor guy)

1) Young had the oppurtunity to play a signifigant amount of time, and prove himself before he actually took over from Montana.

2) Young didn’t go down with injuries every time someone looked at him.

3) Young had twice the talent Rodgers could ever hope for.

I don’t care what McCarthy and Thompson say…they expect Rodgers to fail too. Unless he is an instant pro-bowler… there is no way he can suceed in GB, right behind Favre.

Proof of their lack of commitment to me is the drafting of Brian Brohm… who will be there to jump in after the fans turn against Rodgers. I expect him to be the starter by this time next year. If for no other reeason than Rodgers will be hurt again by then.

Look at any of the teams that had a Legend at QB…. most of them STILL haven’t got it together since the Legend left.

*and as for it’s the teams fault..not Favre’s. Only partly true. Thompson has been hoping to push Favre out so he could have “his” team since he got there. It would be better for all if Favre could decide before June if he wants to play… but Thompson has done all in his power since he got there to make theat answer a NO.

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