Is this another reason why AZ SB1070 is urgently needed Border Patrol targets human smugglers in Tampa?

Question by I’m gonna start another riot: Is this another reason why AZ SB1070 is urgently needed Border Patrol targets human smugglers in Tampa?
With all the human smugglers and drophouses there ?TAMPA, Fla. – It’s 5 a.m. While a majority of the city is sleeping — or just waking up — Steve McDonald is working.

He’s sitting in the middle of Interstate 75 in south Marion County, watching cars fly past. Most of the cars jet southward without more than a glance from McDonald’s attention. But a few earn a second look.

They have specific characteristics: overloaded, odd suspensions, lots of luggage. McDonald is hunting human smugglers, and those are the calling cards.

“They’re aware that we’re out here,” McDonald, the Tampa Border Patrol Agent-In-Charge, admits. “It’s kind of a guessing game.”

But according to McDonald, it’s a game worth playing, because human smugglers are frequently bringing illegal immigrants into the state.

Often, the illegal immigrants sneak across the border into Arizona, where they are taken to drop houses in Phoenix. Before they leave the drop house, they pay their debt to the smuggler. The debt is between ,000-,000, McDonald said.

Once they have paid the money, the illegal immigrants are taken to their destination state somewhere around the country.

According to McDonald, Florida is the third most-popular destination state in the country. The state is attractive because of the potential for employment in the construction, service or agriculture industry. McDonald’s job is to stop them before they get those jobs.

“We were surprised at the amuont of smuggling that we encountered when we first started these,” McDonald said.

ABC Action News recently joined McDonald as he monitored traffic on I-75 for human smuggling. But that morning, he was called away to a different situation.

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office had stopped a van on U.S. 19 with 13 people inside. McDonald was asked to investigate.

After interrogating the driver and the other 12 people in the car, McDonald determined that all 13 were from Mexico and all of them were in the country illegally. They were being driven from Mobile, Ala., to a Bay-area farm, where they were to pick blueberries.

According to McDonald, 11 of the workers would be sent back to Mexico. One of them was wanted in Martin County and would be extradited. The driver would face a charge of driving without a license before being deported.

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I think the coyotes should be locked up for…say…20 years. Maybe they won’t be so hot to lead the common folks through the desert for thier life savings if they have to pay a damn high price like the poor souls they rob and lead here.

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