Jim Rohn Legacy – The Authority on Buzz Marketing

Jim Rohn Legacy – The Authority on Buzz Marketing

Key note speaker for many companies, Mr. Jim Rohn , has inspired millions of people for many years. Would you believe that you also could inspire people, possibly in the millions. It is true. You have it in you. We all do. You may feel small and insignificant but with time you can work on yourself and create momentum. This momentum turns into a current and with time it is insurmountable with consistancy.

Some people may laugh at you in the beginning. “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” (William Feather”. Begin with small steps. Don’t ever let others get in your way. Walk your own path and never give up on your dreams. Eventually many people will follow if you have passion for what you do.

Mr. Jim Rohn always spoke about fear and how it holds so many people back. I learned this at the very first meeting when I was in Herbalife years ago. He said you want to run toward your fears. Make sure you embrace your fears don’t run from them. “On the other side of your greatest fears is where you will find your greatest life”. (Robin Sharma)

For G’s sake get the heck ouf of the stands. It’s time you get on the court and play some ball. Stop being scared and take some risks. Trust me more times then not when you leap the net will appear. Even if it’s just to teach you a good lesson that you help you grow. Whatever dreams you are dreaming, focus on them, and go for it.

Extent your hand to people and care for others. Be kind to others and try to help others. “When someone does something good, applaud! You will make two people happy.” (Sam Goldwyn).

Always make sure your being a positive role model. “Be the change you want to see in the world”. (Ghandi). Now here’s a person that had 1 billion followers and he didn’t even use his last name.

Research online marketing systems and experts who promote and train in these areas.

Personal development expert Jim Rohn shares his philosophy on staying debt free and becoming financially independent.

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