Laws of Riches Seminar Video

Laws of Riches Many people dream of becoming rich. However the stark reality is that for every rich man you meet, chances are you come across ten who are poor. Why is there such a disparity? Is it really the workings of lady luck? Or is it just fickle fate at play? Deepak Buxani, a financial planner with Manulife Financial, tries to solve this age-old mystery. How does a man from poverty rise above the norms of society, refusing to impose on himself limitations of any sort to finally become one of the wealthiest people in the country? We have all heard of success stories before; from Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company fame, Sam Walton of Walmart, Andrew Carnegie of Carnegie Steel, and JP Morgan of JP Morgan & Co. In Singapore itself, we have a plethora of our very own self-made millionaires such as Mustaq Ahmed from Mohammad Mustafa & Samsuddin and Ms Olivia Lum of Hyflux. What is it that these men understood about money that we have not? What were their beliefs towards money that led to them amassing such wealth? LAW ONE: Stop Wasting Money If you are burning with desire for wealth, the very first universal law of riches states that if a person wishes to be in possession of money, he should simply stop wasting it. To waste money is arguably the biggest financial err that anyone could make. Some people say, “Oh! I have worked so hard today, let me treat myself to a new watch”. This is fine provided you don’t already own one or the one that you own needs replacement, but

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