Making Our Planet More Green One Dollar At A Time

The fact of the matter is that one reason our planet has become such a damaged place, when it comes to the environment, is in part because of us. That same determination to advance ourselves that drove the industrialized nations to bring us railroads teeming with black smoke-belching trains and convenient chemicals that were eventually found to be toxic can be harnessed for better things say capitalism enthusiasts. We’ll take a look at what money has to do with getting our planet to a healthier place.

The advocates of using entrepreneurial and fiscally motivated means to bring about green changes say that money may possibly be the true ‘eco-makeover’. When it becomes not just positive, but positively profitable to make changes then we are definitely going to savor the full gamete of changes. Katie Kieffer of wrote a recent column ( in which she stated that free market approaches will save the world, as she says. She mentions that wiser innovations for the tech industries greatly needed “rare earths” that are now strip mined in China could be less detrimental for the planet, the companies that pave the way, and our pocket books, also.

Of course, companies aren’t the only ones who stand to profit in a green revolution where finances are concerned. Consumers could receive pay for manufacturing clean energy. And actually, according to a recent Huffington Post article (, in the state of Tennessee this is already the case. Some folks in Nashville receive checks for feeding power back into the grid that come from the solar panel arrays on top of their houses. That is an excellent example of how to really profit from helping make the world a safer, cleaner and less costly place in which to live.

Many are now choosing to make some changes and it is either saving them money or bringing in more money. Many businesses are looking towards reusable grocery bags with logo knowing that the PR this can generate will be positive and, over time, very lucrative. Companies that have a reputable public image find success even easier to obtain. Even the typical person selecting a business that highlights eco reusable bags is likely to be shopping in a more conscientious setting where lower prices, or at the least higher quality products, are more likely to be found. The reality is that changes are being seen all around us.

So do you think money matters when it comes to improving our world? Many examples point to yes. As long as people are profiting, they truly do like to take part in improvements and it makes the experience positive for them and their families, as well. This is in large part the way that we are coming to see the power of cash in aiding for a cleaner planet.

Dean Prater is an immensely accomplished journalist discussing green and reusing dilemmas plus educating on the principles to corporations to make use of custom reusable wine bags to advertise both their trademark and recognition for our world.

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