Mary Kay-“The Real start-up costs”??!!?

Question by Jaimee: Mary Kay-“The Real start-up costs”??!!?
I’m looking into becoming a Mary Kay Consultant. I know of the initial 0 start up cost that includes your “starter kit”, but I need to know more..since i know that starter kit doesnt include everything I’ll need ot hit the ground running!

1)How much are those Party Facial Mirror packs (& Quantity for Price)
2)Compact Mirror foam trays (for when i do parties~Quantity they go for including price)
3)Samples (Make-up, moisterizer, cleansers, etc~How much do those go for? including Quantity)
4)Make-up applicators (quantity & costs)
+ANY MORE ADVICE & knowledge you can pass my way!

I want to be able to actually turn a profit, and not have all my 50% profit being kept in replenishing sales tools, giveaways, Host incentives. At the end of teh day what’s the realistic PROFIT??

All help and Aid in this research are appreciated! 🙂

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Answer by Scott1120
To start a Mary Kay business, you will need a sponsor to get into the business. Your sponsor should be helping you along the way and giving you mentorship to help build your business. Before you get involved with the business, make sure you see an income disclosure sheet. This sheet should show you how much you could make, just remember it is not a guarantee. Remember one thing, in this type of business it is not just about the products you are selling, it it about how you can help other people succeed in this type of business. The more you help, the more you will succeed.

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