Menopause Weight Gain Driving Women Crazy

Considerable physiological adjustments take place in a woman’s body when nearing premenopause. It’s not unusual for women to gain from ten to fifteen pounds while going through peri menopause. As women make diversification during these transformation years menopause weight gain is simply one of the many modifications she shall be facing.

Fluctuating estrogen levels that cause hormonal imbalances is the reason for menopause weight gain just like all of the other symptoms related to peri menopause. This is a natural occurrence among women, even many famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Susan Summers have spoken publicly on how menopause has affected their lives.

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The changes in hormones throughout premenopause have been correlated to increased weight gain by way of medical research. Insulin resistance and stress can be attributed to the hormonal structures inside the body. Overall metabolic capability and the power to burn calories are two factors that can considerably have an effect on the body’s potential to burn calories.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin is the hormone that’s liable for regulating the absorption of glucose and regulating the body’s whole metabolism. Nonetheless, during menopausal years the boyd might inhibit insulin from doing its job. When this happens, one could develop into insulin resistant and all the energy ingested are reworked into fat. It is as if the bodys own metabolism has was a meals ‘express lane’ the place foods turns immediately to fats, bypassing the normal routine of offering nutrients to cells. The upshot of this is undesirable menopause weight gain whereas the body’s cells nonetheless starvation for nutrients.

For women who firmly keep on with low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets insulin resistance could be even more destructive. There are various advocates for this kind of diet who believe that avoiding fat will prevent weight gain. However, if the body has developed a resistance to insulin then it can turn carbohydrates instantly into fat so that this kind of weight loss program might have the opposite of the desired effect.

A lifelong practice of consuming high carbohydrate meals low in fats together with other processed and refined breads and pastas can add to a growing insulin resistance of the body. This kind of life long consuming pattern can lead to insulin being blocked and especially once extra stress and hormonal modifications from menopause sinks in then the body’s insulin resistance now even further inhibited could now not be able to sustain with the metabolism necessary to keep from gaining extra weight

Increased Stress Levels

Stress is known to be the foundation trigger for lots in the present day’s eating issues and conditions. As for menopause weight gain, an elevated degree of stress can prompt the body into thnking that one is experiencing what the experts call the ‘famine effect’. This phenomenon is your body’s misinterpretation of stress and in consequence, the body’s metabolism is slowed in anticipation of a protracted shortage of food. When this happens, all the ingested calories are saved as fats, thus inflicting further weight gain.

Menopause mixed with stress can in effect double the difficulty of sustaining an ideal weight. And it is not uncommon for most menopausal women to additionally experience stress. In conclusion the risk of gaining unwanted weight increases with perimenopause.


As all the time, consuming a balanced eating regimen throughout menopausal years remains to be the best answer to keep away from unhealthy weight gain. Avoid fried meals, excessive carbohydrate foods and refined or packaged foods. Add fresh fruits, greens, meals rich in natural grains, beans and legumes, low fats yogurt and other low fats soy and dairy products to your grocery cart.

Combining the above forms of meals together with joint friendly average weight bearing exercise can assist rather a lot to scale back stress and keep off the unwanted pounds.

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The author is a medical professional. She is committed to provide helpful information about natural menopause treatmentsmenopause treatment and ways to ease menopause symptoms.

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