Money Must Have A Purpose For You To Achieve Financial Freedom As A Coach, Trainer Or Therapist

Money Must Have A Purpose For You To Achieve Financial Freedom As A Coach, Trainer Or Therapist

A core message from Napoleon Hill in his seminal work “Think And Grow Rich” is that you must have a purpose for achieving financial freedom. Business Philosopher, Jim Rohn put it in his own unique and simple style “When the why is clear, the how becomes easy”.

What are your own unique and powerful reasons for wanting to achieve financial freedom as a coach, trainer or therapist? Make them compelling to the extent that you can visualize yourself enjoying financial freedom. Where will you live, what will you be driving, wearing, going on holiday, enjoying for dinner and so on. Visualizing is one of the great secrets of success and it works because the things or circumstances you visualize become attracted to you.

Many people focus on getting out of debt, but this is not a powerful purpose for achieving financial freedom. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “get out” or “get in”, the mind doesn’t distinguish negation and by focusing on debt, more debt is attracted to you.

One of my most powerful reasons for achieving financial freedom was to be able to live and work wherever I want in the world. Living the laptop lifestyle offers a tremendous sense of freedom and excitement – it’s also easy to visualize d experiencing the sensations of being in your favorite places.

Creating powerful purposes for achieving financial freedom might seem like an unnecessary distraction at this point but it’s time really well spent. These reasons become your strong levers – they are the forces for good that will keep motivation and inspiration flowing when the inevitable obstacles and challenges come up. It’s the people who persist through these challenges who achieve financial freedom and their powerful reasons are the fuel behind the persistence.

I first discovered the huge importance of powerful reasons when starting out as a health and weight loss coach with my first product, The AV Diet. After initially being willing to work with anyone who approached me, I steadfastly refused to coach anyone who didn’t have clear and compelling reasons for becoming healthy in order to lose a specific amount of weight. Results and quality of the testimonials provided compelling proof of the significance of powerful reasons. It’s just the same with wealth creation and financial freedom. New habits and patterns need to be formed long before the results ever start to show.

So invest the time and effort now in creating and visualizing your own unique powerful reasons and you will ultimately achieve financial freedom as a coach, trainer or therapist.


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