Not Giving Up!

Not Giving Up!

Yes, I want to gain financial freedom. That is my decision after reading a few books including Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Thus, I embark on the journey to get myself educated and learn from successful people. After struggling for a few years, I am still nowhere near my dream. And sometimes, I really feel like giving up everything that I am trying to achieve. Just sit back and enjoy life instead of investing all my leisure time and money trying to achieve something.

How can I go about recovering from this negative state of giving up on my dream?

Firstly, I have to accept that this idea of giving up will keep popping up every now and then. If you do not believe me, you can try to interview people who are successful. If you are lucky, they will share with you that it is normal to feel like giving up every now and then during the struggle for success.

Since there is no way that I can get rid of the thought of giving up, then I have to learn to manage it. One way to manage the negative thought is to focus my attention on other things. I will neither think about that negative thought nor think of trying to get rid of it. If I do so, I will end up thinking more about it. I will just focus on something completely different.

Secondly, since I feel tired and confused, then I should take a break and have a good rest. I will go exercising if possible. This is because stress causing certain hormones to be released to the body which causes restlessness. By exercising, I will burn away such hormones so that my body is in harmony again.

Once my body is in harmony, I will need to address the mental aspect. I will practice meditate to calm down my mind. If not, I will just watch some comedy shows to laugh and relax. Maybe I take a glass of red wine and go to sleep. Alternatively, I take camomile tea to relax my mind before sleep.

When I wake up the next day, I will examine my strategy to understand why I am not getting the results that I have expected. I will try to make amendment to my strategy and try again.

Thirdly, I will always be reminding myself of my motivation especially during the time when I feel like giving up altogether. This is because I may be confused and forget why I have started my struggle in the beginning. The best way is to document my motivation somewhere beforehand. So when I really feel confuse, I just take out that document to read and remind myself why I am trying so hard to achieve financial freedom.

Next, I will relive my imagination where my dream has come true. This has the effect of motivating myself to continue pursuing my dream. I will be able to smell, hear, see, touch, and taste my dream. Again this imagination needs to be document down beforehand. Whenever I need to relive my imagination, I can simply refer to the document. I can even add pictures, video clips and music clips to the document so that my dream appears to be very real.

For example, if I have gain financial freedom, I may imagine that I am relaxing in a beach. I can smell the seawater. I can hear the waves crashing onto the beach. I can see nice scenery of sea. I can touch the soft sand of the beach. I can taste fresh coconut drink by the seaside.

Then, I will think about the consequences if I fail to achieve my dream. What if I cannot afford to retire at retirement age? I will still need to work at such an old age struggling to survive. Again, a good description of the worst nightmare will help. This is because fear will also motivate me to work for success.

For example, I can imagine myself working as a toilet cleaner at a very old age. The toilet smells badly and looks dirty. I hear the toilet pipe dripping due to leakage. My hand feels sticky when I am cleaning the toilet sinks. And I feel like vomiting and thus I taste the vomiting effects.

Lastly, I will tell myself no matter what happen in the end, what really matter is the experience gained. Learning from mistakes and gaining experience is what make a person different and unique. It is also an accelerated way to gain success based on my understanding of the Rich Dad’s series by Robert Kiyosaki. Thus, I will always keep trying because the only failure in life is to stop trying.


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