Oracle CEO Predicts Prolonged US Economic Recession

Complete video at: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says he does not foresee a substantial recovery in the US economy for at least five years. “The problem is the American consumer is so deeply in debt,” he says. “We’re not going to have rapid recovery from this.” —– Larry Ellison is one of the most successful business leaders in the world today. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear Ellison speak his mind about the future of tech, the industry, the world, and more, in conversation with tech veteran Ed Zander. Industry giants Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO, and Ed Zander, former CEO, Motorola, and former president of Sun Microsystems, take the stage in this rare, unscripted discussion. – Churchill Club Larry Ellison has been CEO of Oracle Corporation since he founded the company in 1977. He also races sailboats, flies planes, and plays tennis and guitar.

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