pickling faeries sculpture, how to express diabolical experiments on faeries.?

Question by ppp: pickling faeries sculpture, how to express diabolical experiments on faeries.?
How do you dissect a fairy? I’m looking for ideas on how to make parts etc. for display.
I just got back from Dragaon*Con and had an idea to show some examples of dissected faeries and to preserve some in pickling jars with formaldehyde. I am seriously considering this as part of a quirky steam punk scientific venture/personna. So where can I get fairy parts, internal organs to pickle. How would I make little faery corpses? I might even consider making pressed faeries. I think this would be a diabolically hilarious expression of my steampunky-ness. Any ideas on where I could go with this?

This is a legitimate idea for sculpture which involves the steampunk motif with an eye towards satirizing those interested in faeries. By doing scientific biological experiments on them – dissecting them, preserving them, collecting them like one collects insects, I hope to build a set of pseudo scientific looking experiments on faeries. I would even consider doing electrical stimulation of faerie limbs and wings with a Tesla coil.

This is to be dark satire with an aim for the bizarre. It should fit in with the “insane scientist” concept I am adopting for my steampunk personna – a sort of “Charles Darwin” or “Doctor Victor Frankenstein” like character that went awry.

I would really like your help on fleshing this out (so to speak)
Dude, did you even read it? It’s a serious inquiry. Do you even have one non-judgemental clue about artistic expression and contemporary cultural trends? I’m likely old enough to be your father.

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Answer by Darin C
Learn to play nice with your little sister and stop pulling the heads off of her Barbies.

* Edit: It does not matter how old you are, if you are going to do or even simulate any form of disection on anything that even remotely looks human in shape you are going to gather so much unwanted activism that you might as well move to the South Pole as this will be the only safe place on the planet for you.

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