Preet Randhawa, M.d., F.a.c.c

Preet Randhawa, M.d., F.a.c.c

Dr Preet Randhawa is an Interventional Cardiologist with specialization in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology. He is the founder partner of NJ heart.

Dr. Randhawa has been serving the people of New Jersey since 2002 and has earned the reputation for high quality patient-oriented care. He is known for his expertise and outstanding track record in the development and clinical trial evaluation of various Interventional Cardiology procedures and has successfully initiated emergency angioplasty program at Trinitas Hospital, Elizabeth, NJ.

Besides various Cardiac procedures he sees patients in the office and performs hospital consultations. His approach in interventional cardiology is virtually unmatched. He is a unique combination of a masterful procedural operator, innovative clinical and researcher. As an expert Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Randhawa successfully perform approximately one thousand diagnostic and interventional procedures every year. His research works has been published under various titles that include, Management of a Left Ventricular Aneurysm in an Adult and Aortic rupture: comparison of three imaging modalities.

He received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Government Medical College Patiala and Amritsar, India and cardiology training at Wayne State University, Detroit. He served as a faculty member at the top-notch Henry Ford Hospital, where he also accomplished his angioplasty training. Dr. Randhawa then moved to Elizabeth in 2002 and became the founder partner of NJ heart.

Dr. Randhawa completed his residency and Internship at the Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center Detroit, Mi Wayne State University/ Detroit Medical Center and his fellowships in cardiology at the Interventional Cardiology Fellow Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, MI, Senior Staff Cardiologist Henry Ford Hospital, Cardiology fellowship Wayne State University,/Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI.

Prior to joining NJ heart he was associated as an Interventional Cardiologist with several renowned hospitals that includes, Trinitas Hospital, Elizabeth, NJ Union Hospital, Union, NJ, Rahway Hospital, Rahway, NJ,/li and St. James Hospital, Newark, NJ.

Dr. Randhawa insists on precautionary cardiology and works together with his patients to alter cardiac risk factors, such as refraining from smoking and enhancing exercise capacity. This approach, along with discovery of cardiac disease in the initial stages, helps in minimizing the threat of an undesirable outcome in the future.

Preet Randhawa, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Trinitas Hospital, Elizabeth, NJ Union Hospital, Union, NJ

Rahway Hospital, Rahway, NJ, /li>

St. James Hospital, Newark, NJ

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