Preparation For Selling In Real Situation!

Preparation For Selling In Real Situation!

Selling skills is one of the essential skills to be mastered if I want to achieve financial freedom based on my understanding of the Rich Dad’s Series by Robert Kiyosaki. Thus, I have begun my quest to master selling skills by reading books, listening to audio clips and attending seminars on selling. After a while, I realize that it is not possible to learn selling skills purely by reading books, listening to audio clips and attending seminars. I can know all the techniques but I do not really know how to apply them naturally in life.

How can I go about learning selling skills? Of course the answer is to practice and practice. But exactly how much practice is required? After talking to a few successful sales people, I learn that an average person needs to do about 200 times in real life situations before he can master selling skills to a certain extent. But to rush out and do it in real life situations can be quite scary. Thus, I feel that certain preparations must be done before practicing in real life situations.

Firstly, I will practice in front of a mirror or videotape myself while I am doing presentation. By watching myself during presentation, I will be able to spot weakness that can be improved on during presentation.

For example, I may have a bad habit of not standing upright during presentation. This will affect the image that I am projecting to the audience. Basically, I will like to project a professional image. This will help me in closing sales later because the audience feels that they are dealing with someone professional.

Secondly, I will find a willing partner to practice on. It will be even better if I can find someone who is willing to learn about selling skills. This is because we can regularly practice with each other.

During practice, the party acting as the potential client or prospect should try to be as realistic as possible. He should be creative in asking different questions regarding the products or services that I am offering. He should also be creative in giving objections to why he is not willing to take up the products and services. Thus, each practice session will be the different. At the end of each practice session, we should give feedbacks to each other. And maybe discuss about how to overcome certain difficulties that we have faced.

Thirdly, I will learn from different successful salespersons by modeling after them. That means I need to get to know them so that they will share their experience. If that is difficult, the other way is to act as a potential buyer and observe how they do their selling.

For example, if I want to be a successful realtor, then I may keep visiting different property exhibitions and act as a potential buyer. In the process, I interact with other property agents. If I feel happy after leaving the exhibition without buying anything, then I know that the property agent who has serviced me is doing something right. That thing is what I will like to incorporate into my selling skills. When a prospect feel happy due to my service, he is likely to buy from me if he decides to do so. Also, he may refer his friends to me even though he does not buy anything from me.

But if I feel upset after leaving the exhibition without buying anything, then I know that the property agent has done something incorrect. That thing is what I will like to avoid in my selling skills. An unhappy prospect may spread something negative thing about my professional service and thus affect my sales.

Next, I must have confidence in the products or services that I am offering. If I am not convinced about using the products or services myself, then it is difficult for me to convince others to buy into my services or products. How to gain confidence? Be a product of the products or services that I am offering.

For example, if I am marketing e-learning subscription package that allows learning from world-class gurus via online video seminars, then I should be using the subscription package myself. I should learn and apply what I have learned through these seminars in life. As a result, I will become a better person. When people see that I have changed for the better due to these seminars, they will be keen to subscribe to these same online video seminars. In other words, I have become a product or a live example of someone who has benefited from the e-learning subscription package.

With the above preparations, I believe that I am better equipped to do it in the real life situations. Practicing in the real world is the key to master selling skills as highlighted in the Rich Dad’s series by Robert Kiyosaki. After each real situation, I will ask myself what can I improve on. In this way, I will be able to master selling skills.


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