Q&A: Help! My 23 yr old son drives me crasy?

Question by SD: Help! My 23 yr old son drives me crasy?
My 23 yr old son finished his 4-yr university last summer. He has been travelling around for the past few months “looking for a job”, but has yet to find one although his university study was “professional” in nature.

I paid for all his university expenses (tuition, rent and living allowances), and he pocked his summer job salaries as additional beer money.

He has finished his travel, and is now home. He is driving me crasy because:
– he has failed to get job interviews from some pretigious firms last year
– he wakes up at noon these days, and appears no eager to look for jobs
– he told me that some famous people (Steve Job of Apples Computer) was a bum for a couple of yrs before he hit the jackpot
– I have been giving him monthly spending allowance and a separate car to use, although now I am wiith limited pension income
– He has been complaining about how thrift I am and about my cooking lately.

Please advise me how I should deal with him! Thanks.

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Answer by janicajayne
Cut off his money and kick him out of the house. As long as you continue to create the situation, he will continue to live in it.

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