Q&A: How does a person acquire belief in god?

Question by : How does a person acquire belief in god?
As a young child(pre-speaking), no one actually believes in god. A mother/father/guardian is their “god.” If the mother/father/guardian is religious then this authority figure, in which the child accepts every word out of his/her mouth as truth, tells the child god exists then the child will obviously agree. They go to church, and the priest who is in authority says god exists. A child can’t deny it there either. They might question it a little. If they do the guardian says “God exists” reassuring and eliminating the child’s need to question. Growing up with this psychological belief that god exists actually makes it appear that the child can “speak to god” and “feel god’s presence” due to the fact that as a child they were always told never to doubt “god” and that he will “always be there for you.”

If a person acquires a belief in god when originally the family was “atheist” (more likely agnostic) then it is usually due to the person hitting a low point in their life. A religion which only preaches happiness or at least help with life will give the person “hope” to press on in life and to be a better person. Do you think Bill Gates “needs” a god to help him out in his “times of need”? I think not.

How do you think a person acquires a belief in god? How did you acquire a belief in god(or non-belief)?
“meaning” is a human idea by the way…
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Romans 10:17 So faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

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