Q&A: Ricky Bobby VS. Scientology?

Question by Alysianna: Ricky Bobby VS. Scientology?
Okay, So I was watching TV last night, and saw the TV spot for Talladega Nights- The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. My Favorite line from these ads is when Will Ferrell ( Ricky) is running around in his underwear and a helmet screaming, ” Help me Jesus!! Help me Tom Cruise!!” However, in watching it last night and expecting to hear the same line again, I found it replaced with ” Help me Jesus!! Help me Oprah Winfrey!!” Now, I have been searching the net for answers as to why this was changed, anyone know? I smell another Hissy Fit from his highness, if you know what I mean….
Oh and by the way, the lip synch was awful. Very much seems like a ” Cover our ___” slipshod job.

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Answer by uncleneal
interesting observation…
guess I will have to see the movie

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