Questions To Ask When Buying a Business – Why Work Like A Slave?

Questions To Ask When Buying a Business – Why Work Like A Slave?

Ice cream was invented in 2k BC. Yet it was 3,900 years on before somebody worked out the ice cream cone. Beef was on the world before humans. Bread was baked in 2600 BC. Nevertheless, it took another 4,300 years for somebody to put them together and create the sandwich. And the modern flush toilet was invented in 1775, but it wasn t till 1857 that somebody thought up toilet paper.

Once these plain connections have been made, they seem so apparent. We are able to t believe we didn t see them sooner. An endless number of these unmade connections exist to this day, especially in the business world. You are besieged by easy, plain solutions that can dramatically boost your earnings, power, influence and success. The difficulty is, you simply don t see them.

Before Henry Ford would hire anybody for a vital position, he’d have lunch with them. If the potential worker would salt the food before tasting it, Mr. Ford would not hire the person. The reason? Salting the food before tasting it indicated the person would implement a plan before testing it – ergo, no job. Was Henry Ford too extraordinary with his hiring policy based on salting food before testing? Perhaps . But, then again, Henry Ford was America s first billionaire.

One company that apparently didn t test enough is the maker of Excedrin. Many years back they ran a multi-million dollar, state advertising campaign showing different, above-average headaches and assigning them numbers, like Excedrin headache nine, Excedrin headache twenty-three, etc, where Excedrin relieved the agony. The campaign created great name recognition and was seemingly very successful. But, in truth, sales went down. The company later learned that folks were aware of the campaign and said that Excedrin was an excellent, stronger-than-average discomfort reliever. And if they’d a serious headache they had a serious headache they would definitely take Excedrin. But if they headache, an average headache, Excedrin was a more robust medicine than they needed, so they might take a gentler agony reliever like aspirin. The company could have saved millions of dollars and not lost market share had they done one simple thing. TEST.

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This is a full size replica of Henry Ford’s first engine. He brought it home from Detroit Electric Illuminating Co. where he worked and set it up on the kitchen sink where he demonstrated it to his wife on Christmas eve 1893. I purchased the plans from Leon Ridenour, Knoxville, TN.
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