Right Kinds Of Food!

Right Kinds Of Food!

Recently, I had eaten the wrong kind of food for my body. As a result, I had indigestion. The physical discomfort due to indigestion caused me insomnia. After struggling for a very long time, I finally fell asleep around 4am. I woke up at around 8am the next morning. I was feeling both physically and mentally tired.

Due to tiredness, I could not concentrate on whatever I was trying to achieve for the day. This made me realized that I needed the right kind of foods and drinks for my body so that I will have ample energy to pursue financial freedom as defined by the Rich Dad’s series by Robert Kiyosaki.

What are kind of food or drink is considered right for my body? Basically a right kind of foods should satisfy the list of conditions listed below:

Firstly, the food or drink should be healthy for my body. The body needs a lot of food with a lot of fibers to enhance digestion. Thus, it is important to take a lot of vegetables and fruits since they contain a lot of fibers.

Taking too much meat will harm the body in the long term because there is lack of fibers. The problems will usually appear as irritable bowels, piles and so on. Thus, there is a need to strike a balance between eating vegetables, fruits and meats. When I have balance meals, then I will be healthy and thus save on unnecessary medical cost. In other words, I will have more money, time and energy to create wealth.

Secondly, the food or drink should not be allergic to my body. If I eat seafood and end up with rashes, then that mean I should avoid seafood altogether. Rashes cause me to feel discomfort and thus rob me of the energy to create wealth. Similarly, if I drink alcoholic drink and end up with rashes, then I should avoid alcoholic drink too. When I end up with rashes, I will need to consult doctor to cure the rashes. I will end up losing money, time and energy in order to recover.

Thirdly, the food or drink should not excite or drug my body. Most food or drink do not excite or drug my body. An example of a food that excites the body will be superb hot spicy food like tom yam soup. It is very nice to eat if you like hot and spicy food. But after finishing it, my mouth may feel so spicy and hot that I become too restless and preoccupied with the after effects for the rest of the day.

A good example of a drink that drugs the body will be alcoholic drink. Excessive alcoholic drinks cause the physical body and the brain to be drugged. That is why there is a lot of car accident due to drunk drivers. They cannot judge or function properly. Accidents caused loss of life as well as financial loss. If the driver is not properly insured, he may end up with a lot of debts paying for medical fees, compensating the injured parties and so on.

Next, the food or drink should not be addictive in nature. Water is not addictive in nature but it is essential for my body since a large percentage of my body is made up of water. Coffee is a good example of an addictive drink. It contains a substance known caffeine that will cause addiction. It is like a very minute drug but the way that it works is the same as any addictive drug.

If you have been drinking coffee regularly, you will notice that you are very tired if you do not drink coffee for the day. This is the reaction of the body when it fails to consume caffeine. It not much different from a drug addict who fails to consume drug and feel the withdrawal symptoms.

Please note that if I like the food or drink, it may not necessary mean that my body is addicted to that food or drink. When I like a particular food or drink, I can stop them without any physical discomfort to my body. Though I may suffer from mental unhappiness because I cannot eat my favorite food or take my favorite drink, I do not suffer physically. When I am addicted to a food or drink, my body will suffer physically if I stop taking them. These physical discomforts will cause mental sufferings that will ultimately force me to crave for the addictive food or drink.

As you can see, the wrong kind of food will cause lose of money, time and energy either directly or indirectly. In conclusion, I feel that I should take care of my body by watching what I eat so that I will have more money, time and energy to work on my investments in assets that will generate passive income. Based on my understanding of the Rich Dad’s series by Robert Kiyosaki.


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