Robert Kiyosaki and Internet Marketing – Why He’s a Fan

Robert Kiyosaki and Internet Marketing – Why He’s a Fan

You may be asking what this has to do with Robert Kiyosaki… It has everything to do with his outlook on becoming a successful business person. He learned at a very tender age that the willingness to see things differently from the average Joe, and the willingness to learn new skills were his keys to success. He was fortunate to have a mentor (his best friend’s dad) to teach him these lessons, but he was also a learner and willing to take educated risks that made him millions.

I bring up Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” only as an excellent teaching tool. His goal has always been to share his knowledge and to help others to understand how money works and how to use it to your advantage. He has tried to give the public an accessible series of books that demonstrate how to make money work for you so you don’t have to work for your money. This is his constant refrain and the reason he is so determined to teach others what he already knows.

Kiyosaki’s book, “Cashflow Quadrant,” explains the four ways we can choose to earn an income. It is his argument for entrepreneurship and investing, and why these are the only two “quadrants” that can provide you with true financial independence.

Mr. Kiyosaki believes that network marketing supports a real venue for training and growing real entrepreneurs. That is why he is totally behind it, and is now advertising his own version. Does he need the money? Probably not, but as an educator he wants everyone to hear about it. Why? Because it works. Those who criticize Kiyosaki as a self-promoter who only wants to sell more of his books have completely missed the point.

Robert Kiyosaki was a millionaire before he began self-publishing his “Rich Dad” series of best-selling books. But he continues to be an educator of future entrepreneurs and that is why he is newly involved in the network marketing industry. He sees the potential for growth. He sees the education that network marketers are now sharing through their use of the Internet. He sees the way knowledge is being shared and published through online venues that are making it easier than ever for people to set up a successful home business and join the two income quadrants that actually deliver true financial freedom.

So if you’ve doubted Robert Kiyosaki’s motives in the past, or if you have wanted to put his ideas into practice but weren’t sure how to get started, I invite you to look at what network marketing has to offer as a real solution to replacing your income. If you are willing to become a student of new ideas and Internet marketing techniques, then in a few months, you could easily be earning a five-figure monthly income.

The systems are already in place. The solutions to cash flow, finding customers, and setting up an Internet-ready business are there to be had, with or without investing money upfront. In Network Marketing, you are the only one who decides just how much money you want to make, whether or not you will make it, and what you will do with it.

That, in a nutshell, is why Robert Kiyosaki has gotten behind the network marketing industry. Maybe he knows something you ought to know too!

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Robert Kiyosaki – New Rules of Money

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