Rupert Murdoch and Fox hold Dish Network Customers Hostage

Rupert Murdoch and Fox hold Dish Network Customers Hostage

Dish Network in an attempt tpo stick up for its customers is in a battle to keep prices at affordable rated for customers with Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch and FOX.

Dave Shull, senior vice president of programming for Dish Network, said in a statement:  “Our customers should not be held hostage in order to finance Fox’s irresponsible acquisition of sports rights. Consumers are already burdened enough in this challenging economy.”

Rupert Murdoch has been allowed, at the Governments approval to buy up various media outlets. These inclue the NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Television. There were at one time rules set in place to protect consumers from a Monopoly of ownership, however with  FCC Approval despite a prior Government ruling this was eventually approved.

Murdoch has stakes in DirecTV…With allegations of price gouging by Dish Network a strong argument can be made on the allegations of an attempt to price Gouge Dish Network and its customers. As the two satellite TV Providers are rivals this would only make sense. if you run a leomanade stand and by lemons from your competitor chances are the competitor is going to charge you more money to buy your lemons, forcing your pricing of leomonade to increase and disolve your business.This is the accusation Dish Network makes against Mr Murdoch.

However Dish Network refuses to pay the inflated contact price proposal which in turn leaves Dish Network customers without FOX Sports or FX for the time being. With Packages starting at 24.00 a month for 120 channels Dish Networks customers continue to enjoy the pricing that some people require in a financial time of need. Rupert Murdoch is the one to point the finger at here and the Government has allowed him to do this Bear in mid this is the same person who has begun charging online fees to access news publications such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal  because he owns a Monopoly and he can.

The good news is that baseball season is over and Dish Customers will not be missing any games in the offseason due to the loss of FOX Sports Networks and I can only assume a resolution will occur before the start of Spring Training.

By: Francis David

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