Seth Godin & Richard Branson on Marketing in Tough Times is a Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Agency with a crazy offer of Guaranteed Results! Finally! A solution for those paying thousands of dollars on Internet advertising with no results! HeyGoTo gets you on the first page of Google, and you don’t pay until we do…guaranteed! HeyGoTo knows and understands that for many people, advertising on the Internet is uncharted territory and a seemingly scary place. Yet, if you want to compete in today’s business world, being on the first page of the Internet is a must. Even those that are comfortable with the Internet simply don’t have the time, the employee man hours or the budget to effectively manage an aggressive Internet campaign. HeyGoTo has it all! At HeyGoTo, we uncomplicate the process by beginning every project with a comprehensive keyword, competition, and business analysis and consultation. We then develop and implement a strategy customized to your business needs. You give us the specifics for your company and we do all the work! It’s not just about what we do; it’s how we do it. We’re not just a Search Engine Optimization company; we’re also a public relations company. We focus on a blend of strategies that push your listing to the first page! We combine time-tested marketing resources, public relations and management for our clients and using integrity, honesty and a mission to provide the best service possible. At HeyGoTo, we provide our services without any hassles or contracts and we do it

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