Shall I explain why Bush will not “eventually” be remembered as a great president?

Question by ThatOneDude: Shall I explain why Bush will not “eventually” be remembered as a great president?
On online discussion boards, whenever someone says Bush is the worst US president ever, one of his very few remaining supporters says something like, “That’s what they said about Abraham Lincoln.”

Indeed, Lincoln went through a period of unpopularity, however there’s a few key differences between him and Bush.

1. Lincoln’s foreign policies didn’t suck. Lincoln managed to maintain decent relations with other countries, unlike Bush who has turned most of the world against us.

2. Lincoln won his war in four years. Bush’s war has passed the four year mark, with no end in sight. Even Bush has stated that the war will go past his presidency.

3. Lincoln tried to avoid his war. He waited until the other side threw the first punch at Ft. Sumter. (I’m referring to Iraq BTW, NOT Afghanistan. )

4. Lincoln made it very clear he disapproved of the fact that he had to go to war, and several great anti-war quotes were made by him. Bush has had nothing but good to say about Iraq.
Katja, well of course you wouldn’t have wanted me to explain. I might have made too much sense.

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OK. We’ll see.

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