should there by a “Henry Ford” of boats again?

Question by fake n: should there by a “Henry Ford” of boats again?
Or, should we all rent boats from clubs? Like the Sears catalog used to try to be? Should we all have a boat in yard too? With a quality trailer?

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Answer by Cliff
what do you mean by this question?

henry ford didnt invent the automobile. if he invented anything it would be mass production, and that was an idea whos time had more then come. it would of happened very shortly even if henry had died on his 1st ride on his 1st “car”.

mass production of cars allowed them to be priced to be afforded by most everybody. thats the real breakthrough henry ford had, he made the car avaible to the public.

if boats were suddenly made aviable affordably to everyone, i wouldnt want one anymore. on some of the nicer days right now as things are the lakes can be crowded. imgaine “bumper to bumper” with boats, you would spend the entire day being rocked around by the wake produced by everybody else. you wouldnt have room to safely and enjoyably ski or tube, fishing would suck.

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