Stars and Singers That Would Rock With Gold Briefcases

Silver briefcases are known to steal the scene in a number of Hollywood movies. The shiny look and sleek features are usually seen at the climax of the movie with background music adding tension to the mounting conclusion. However, this setting has become a bit monotonous and the ‘wow’ feeling that people would usually get when they see silver briefcases goes unperceived. The cry now is for Hollywood to exchange them for gold briefcases or wooden briefcases. If the idea is taken seriously, then some of the stars and singers that will really rock with gold briefcases are:

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is someone who is known as the bad boy of action movies and this is the reason why his performance in the movie Pacifier was not liked so much by the people. On the other hand there are many people who really thought that it was cuter that the bad boy was exchanging heavy fighting and artillery for dirty diapers. This however had no effect on his personality and his image and Hollywood is thinking what to do next with the muscular form, serious face and flattering smile. The truth about Vin Diesel is that most of the people want that Vin Diesel should star in action movies only; they want him to jump into a fight with heavy artillery and a gold briefcase full of cash surrounded by bad guys and anticipate what he is going to do next.

Lady Gaga

Whether on the stage or off, Lady Gaga shines with or without gold briefcases. The original costumes crafted from her own talent and the thirst to be seen by thousands have given birth to a singer that draws thousands of fans whether the message behind her song is clear or not. This does not mean that all her videos get the deserved attention and creativity. The music clip for Alejandro for example, where the singer pops guns from her bras could have been a tit bit more gripping if a few gold briefcases where used to add more meaning to the theme. The hair cut, make-up, attire and body language all could be linked to a typical mafia scene in that part of the clip; however,a question mark was left in the air without the presence of a few gold briefcases to really send the message home to viewers.

Snoop Dogg

Some of the typical scenes that are related to a music video, made by Snoop Dogg include hair plaited in cornrows and smoke from a marijuana stick hovering above the head. Added to this scene are large cars, a mansion and a sense of being the owner of the world. This is a scene that is common with many of the videos of singers like Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes. However the kind of wealth and power that they wish to portray from their videos is incomplete due to the absence of gold briefcases filled with diamonds and hard cash. Sadly most of the rappers that are there in the industry today use silver briefcases which give the sense of an outdated style and un-originality. Hopefully in the next music video that Snoop Dogg would create history and a new legacy by including a gold briefcase in his music video and thus project his infinite wealth and fame to all his fans.

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