Steve Case: From Twitter Skeptic to Power User

Complete Premium video at: Steve Case, co-founder of America Online, talks about his conversion from Twitter skeptic to power user with almost 350000 followers. He originally found the social network “silly,” but soon realized it could be used as a powerful tool for sharing useful information. To view more highlights from the Wired Business Conference 2010 series, visit —– Innovation vs. Inertia: Lessons Learned in Health Care & Other Industries featuring Steve Case, Chairman & CEO, Revolution, and Cofounder, America Online; with Thomas Goetz, Executive Editor, WIRED. Disruption happens. A technology breakthrough. A shift in consumer demand. A rise, or fall, in a critical market. Any of these can rewrite the future of a company — or a whole industry. If you haven’t faced this moment, you will soon. It’s time to change the way you run your business. Now what? How you decide to respond is what separates the leaders from the left behind. Today’s smartest executives know that disruption is constant and inevitable. They’ve learned to absorb the shockwave that change brings, and can use that energy to transform their companies and their careers. At the second WIRED Business Conference, presented in partnership with MDC Partners, you’ll hear from industry leaders on how to respond to change, and how to use it to your advantage. Through one-on-one conversations between speakers and Wired editors and interaction with the speakers, you’ll see how

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