Success tip from Jim Rohn-Success is attracted

Success tip from Jim Rohn-Success is attracted

Have you experienced the day when some insignificant occurrence changes the course of your life? It never occurred to me that all it takes is a slight shift in paradigm to transform a person’s way of thinking in a split second. I experienced one such moment not so long ago. It was brought about by none other than the great Jim Rohn. His words made me look at life from a fresh perspective. A life filled with Success.

If you are like the most of us then I am sure you have been told since childhood that success is something that you achieve, it’s something that you aim for, it’s something out there that you have to go out and grab. Correct? Well, that is like jumping in the lake and swimming behind a fish to catch it. How long do you think it’s going to take you? How much effort would you have to put into catching the fish that way? Forever! There is a better way, though. You bait the fish. You entice the fish to bite and the game is over. You taste success!

The day I heard Jim Rohn define success as, “Success is not something you pursue, it is something you attract by becoming an attractive person.”, it changed my life around. It’s syncs with the baiting-the-fish methodology. So now, the formula became simple and all I had to do was to focus on one thing and one thing only. And what was that? Becoming an attractive person! That is all I had to focus on, and as per Jim Rohn, I would attract success.

Now the next big question was ‘how to become an attractive person?’. After digging deep some more, I unearthed the answer to that one too. The answer is simple; you become more valuable than others. And how does one become more valuable? It’s a 3-step process: By learning, by applying what’s learnt and by Teaching what’s learnt. The formula couldn’t get any simpler than that.

If you look around and analyze all successful people they have applied the very same principle. All successful people are great teachers, have greater knowledge and work harder than the rest. Before my eyes opened to this way of thinking, I used to only focus on the last part, i.e. ‘Work Hard’. I thought success is achieved by working hard. I never used to read any books, let alone teaching. And I never got anywhere. It was frustrating to chase your own tail.

But after Jim Rohn came into my life, I started reading more, doing more and the best of all teaching more. Now I love the way I feel about myself. My self-confidence has gone up, my self-esteem has shot through the roof, and I am a very happy person everyday. I make more friends, attract more opportunities and earn more than ever before. I now know for sure the formula works. And if it can work for me, it can work for anybody. Guaranteed!

Thank you Jim Rohn.


John Bino

“Empowering people to increase their value to society”

John Bino is a entrepreneur and success coach specializing in helping fellow entrepreneurs and the community at large to realize their true potential. His mission is to help people become more valuable to their family and the marketplace.

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