Taking a Step Forward With Ford

Taking a Step Forward With Ford

It’s nothing new these days to drive down a busy street and see bright yellow and red “store closing” or “going out of business” signs in retail windows. Even shopping centers and strip malls are becoming increasingly deserted with stores that have been boarded up. Local, small businesses are going under each and every day, but it’s the big name, national stores that make the headlines when they file for bankruptcy.

Everyone has heard the stories about Detroit and America’s auto industry. Auto makers make daily headlines with their newest troubles and how much taxpayer money they need to get back on their feet. But, what about the steps these companies are taking, without government handouts, to renew their competitive edge and pull themselves out of this slump? One company, an American icon, has some great new plans to jump back into the market full force.

I am talking about the backbone of American industry and Henry Ford’s brainchild – Ford Motor Company. Over the decades, Ford’s name has become synonymous with America; you can’t imagine one without the other. This is why Ford’s efforts during this economic downturn have been so crucial. I don’t think anyone in this country could stand to see such an American icon fall into the rubble.

The environment and its protection is a hot topic these days and Ford is no stranger to this. They are taking major steps to improve efficiency in their vehicles. Ford was one of the few automakers who did not receive emergency bailout loans this past year. Through a new government program, Ford will receive billions of dollars in loans to help them build more efficient cars and rebuild factories. Pushing tougher standards on fuel-efficiency will help bring the auto industry back to America and help Ford regain their competitive edge.

Another step Ford is taking to rebuild their business is to revamp and reintroduce a couple well-loved models. The first model they will re-launch is the Ford Taurus. The Taurus was once the definition of the family sedan but has lost its edge over the years. The new Taurus is due to hit the market in August. Customers will be pleased to see a more modern, muscular design with completely updated technological features. This new design could be just what Ford needs for a renewed interest in what they have to offer consumers.

Ford made another exciting announcement in conjunction with Lee Iacocca. They will launch a special-edition Ford Mustang beginning in July. This new special-edition car will help Ford and Iacocca celebrate the 45th anniversary of this legendary car. The design will return to its classic roots but will come standard with a 4.6 liter V-8 engine with 320 horsepower with a supercharged option. There will only be a very limited number of these vehicles offered but I have a feeling Mustang lovers everywhere are itching to pull one of these into their driveway.

With improvements to quality, fuel-efficiency and overall dependability, there is no doubt that Ford is well on its way to making it through this tough time. Not only will the steps they are taking to improve their brand help the company but it will introduce many other opportunities back into the economy. These improvements will bring new jobs to thousands of people and new factories will help to revitalize life in areas of desperate need, like Detroit. With Ford as a leader in the economic turnaround, I think the American people will feel even more empowered to get back on their feet and fight to bring this country back up to the high standards we have always been held to in the eyes of the world.

Scott Conklin is the president of Conklin Cars, a leading provider of new and used Kansas Ford, Kansas Lincoln, and Kansas Mercury vehicles. Conklin Cars can be found online at: ConklinCars.com .

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