The girls guide to handbags, what to buy

Most guys don’t realise just how many different types of handbag are out there on the market. Indeed the problem usually only comes up for most guys when they have to buy a bag as a present. To help I have decided to list a few of the main types of handbag and what makes them different from the rest, hopefully it will help a few lost guys out there!

Shoulder Strap Bags. For the woman who is always on the go, longer straps bags can be a godsend. The long strap stays securely on the shoulder, so it does not have to be held in hand. This type of bag compliments many outfits, and can be great for both casual wear and evening attire.

A satchel is a true-blue handbag in that its handles are short enough to hold in one’s hands. Perfect for books, folders and documents, this luggage-inspired bag is a girl’s alternative to briefcases. Because they also have straps, satchels are flexible enough to be slung over the shoulder or across the body to ease the weight off one’s shoulders.

Hobo bags are designed to be very comfortable as they actually slouch around your body as you wear them. The straps are quite short so they are designed to be worn high on the body, so you really only buy this bag if you want it to be noticed!

A clutch handbag is the classic formal occasion handbag. Designed to be held closely or clutched, these exquisite beauties are typically too small for anything more than the most basic makeup items, keys and some money.

Totes have a very unique look and are often compared to cloth shopping bags. Most totes do not close, they simply have an open top and long handles. These bags are able to carry a decent amount of items, and can be convenient if you want to carry more than will fit into a clutch.

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