The Library of Isaac Newton

The Library of Isaac Newton

When Newton died in 1727 he left a library of some 2,100 volumes. This was largely a collection of books regarded by him as a set of working tools – several of the well-thumbed surviving items are evidence of this. The books Newton owned are of considerable interest and importance principally to Newtonian scholars and to historians of science, as well as to booksellers, librarians and book-collectors. The library was kept virtually intact until 1920 when more than half the volumes were auctioned$ 39.40

Isaac Newton (Livewire Real Lives Series)

In order to ensure accessibility and readability, Hodder & Stoughton have worked with The Basic Skills Agency on “Livewire” – a series of reading material with a teenage/adult interest level for those with reading ages below ten, or for adult students of English as a foreign language. “Livewire” offers teenagers and adults appropriate fiction and non-fiction which is graded at reading ages 6-7, 7-8, 8-9 and 9-10. The books aim to engage the interest of the reader in a motivating and non-patroniz

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