The simplest mode of marketing is to have their own – a simple marketing, Li Ka-shing – Lighting Industry

The simplest mode of marketing is to have their own – a simple marketing, Li Ka-shing – Lighting Industry

Day before yesterday, little his face in public, founder of Yang Guoqiang Country Garden Holdings, a rare appearance Zhongshan, Shunde, with a strong accent with his Mandarin, talked about his philosophy of life:

“I never thought about what to do richest man, I’m just working on a down day. That I richest man, just a lot of (companies) did not market it. I think that life and world view is the most important factor in the success of , there is the effort. I am not really smart man, but very hard, just know day by day to make things better. life, there are two roads: one is walked a red carpet lined with flowers, to the you are an Aladdin’s lamp, to get whatever. This is not fun. across the river, climb over the top of the mountain after mountain shade, happiness will come. ”

This is the business community has a low-key victory for the brilliant and simple. Never want to be richest man, is to be the richest man in the incentive, monographs one thing,

Encouraged to go to work every day, is the only road leading to wealth! So the more you

Li Ka-shing’s wealth of life on the familiar, your price and the greater the gap between the market value of him. This is the people who speak more and more successful school success, school success to those who learn the real reason more and more successful. Life so, businesses have it not? GE is Haier’s vision of it? Lenovo Samsung yesterday by repeating the story of the Olympics is an inevitable international choice? In the end of peace and prosperity and what is the true evergreen genes do?

Business community is a bizarre maze, all dazzling bright in fact are dangerous temptations! Truly successful, certainly not a City-type flash in the pan to the gains and losses, in fact all the success with low-key repeat, why should low-key repeat it? Because, once the starting point in a high-profile, you will lose the patience to repeat! Repeat it? In fact, the best option is to repeat simple movements, are there any more than doing its own set of simple? This is the peace and prosperity and the true evergreen gene.

I often ask a lot of business Marketing Manager: How long has it under the market! 100% of them under the market every month, and 80% of their drive to 80% of their market very familiar; I then asked: How long has it been on the bus and subway! They almost have been nowhere in sight! In fact, real marketers, never got into a network of their own establishment, it is only a small box, sooner or later run into a wall of! Marketing must be drilled Sell Box, at least to head out and can not be more true to the more room to experience, only in the temples in practice, never be immortal. I went to a new city, usually must first flew about buses, I always think that experience is better than 100 copies of the questionnaire! So every time I stood on that podium in urban luxury, said: I took the bus came, the audience is always a burst of laughter, laughter from the heart after my advice: We are doing marketing, the biggest taboo is away from the crowd, because: Marketing has never been one born of learning; marketing is a WTO activities!

A lot of good sellers are modest, they listen to various lectures, and even read many books; there are many good sellers on all the lectures and books have turned up their noses, do they think is the only truth! For marketers, you appreciate someone else’s set, you exclude other people’s, in fact these are not important, the most important thing is: you must have your own set! You agree that you do not imagine this set of people, because even if you are the world’s most beautiful women, all men can not love you! You also need not fear being questioned or even defame you in that, because that would have is that all successful people must face the basic treatment! The fact is: you do not own a set, you can not become a true marketer!

This set is your own pattern, pattern is the basic concept of addition methods. Idea is why do this?? This has the advantage; way how to do it?? How to use the fastest speed to be the best! Interoperability between different modes, called interlacing does not repeat arguments, there is antagonism between different modes, called , but this pattern must be your own original, or one of your business unique. Means that sales do better than others! But the marketing is to be different from other people! Only to have their own model, your marketing be considered on track, because: even if the roads leading to the successful marketing 10 million, but in fact only one is you can go through, you have to find it and play it to the extreme!

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