The Truth About The Safety Concerns Over The Use Of Customized Bags

If you are about to take a trip to the supermarket, you should not only be concerned about your budget and shopping list, but should also decide on whether you will be using single-use or reusable bags. And even though some stores and retail establishments will leave you with no choice but to use customized bags, others would still leave it up to you. Opting to go green is an easier decision to make with all the information that we read and hear these days about contributing to saving the Earth with this kind of practice.

But although this is true, there are also concerns that we have to deal with, like safety issues that keep popping up. One of the most alarming issues is brought about by several news reports showing that these bags can harbor harmful microorganisms such as bacteria that can contaminate goods and other items, resulting to potential risks to human health. So should this stop us from carrying reusable bags? The answer is absolutely, “NO,” as there are quite a few ways to address such safety issues.

First, make it a habit to launder your reusable bags. There are bags labeled with washing instructions that you can follow to ensure they are properly cleaned. But for custom shopping bags that do not bear this information, just remember to wash woven canvas bags with hot water and detergent.

Bags of non-woven polypropylene and recycled PET materials can be washed by hand or machine under gentle cycle. Keep in mind, though, that when washing, they should be turned inside out and should not be subjected to high heat in the dryer. You also need to avoid keeping unwashed bags inside your car as the heat can promote further bacterial growth.

In addition to laundering, it is recommended to keep a number of bags that can be used separately for meat and similar items, produce, dairy products and household cleaning agents. It would help to get each one labeled so as to prevent cross-contamination. Also, it would be safer if you do not load your clothes, baby stuff and supplies into the same custom recyclable bags.

Once you begin carrying these totes for grocery items, use them for this purpose alone. As a whole the concept of hygiene and sanitation as weapon against bacterial contamination in any item also holds true to these shopping bags. Try to form the habit and you can look forward to a greener Earth and a healthier you.

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