Thinkers I Admire: Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Thinkers I Admire: Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

THINKERS I ADMIRE: Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Prof. Hasan Yahya  

In the 19th century, Darwin’s idea was introduced from humans to cultures and societies. the ability to develop ways to survive, therefore, peoples in Europe have flexibility to allow certain spiecies to invent progress and success more than others. In other words, it is natural for some cultures to be smarter than other cultures. To put it blently, Europenan modern man is smarter than the people in poor countries. Colonization, however, followed the idea and began to exploit other people in Asia, and Africa by colonization. Superiority of nations created the feeling of superiority of individuals. In the Western World, I believe, stress is born with success and fear of failure. 

Darwin ideas were practiced fully by sociologists and economists alike in that period. For example Spencer (1820-1903) a social Darwinist, was fond of “Survival of the Fittest” slogan, and applied it to societies. In which society rewards its best members, the more intelligent people in society, (and therefore, the rich aristocrat people), by to win over the weak and stupid groups in the society. Those who fit in society are the ones who accept competition to win their progress, and allowing free market economy to suvive. The growth of giant corporations was for many financial empires, naturally ordained “survival of the fittest.” According to the slogan, European nations that people around the world behave in different way than they did. The attribution of such biological thinking was damaging to other countries considered as less human. Britain invaded Egypt, France invaded North and Middle African nations. And most European nations (Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, and Purtugal) colonized small nations in Africa and Asia. Spencer’s ideas were logical but cruel and heartlessness with little emotions. The naturalistic view was under attack as inhuman theory. Social scientists in the twenty century opposed the Darwinism by claiming environmental influences (social, economic, itc.,) that create behavioral patterns by learning not by biology and genes. Watson, a psychologist, insisted that naturalism was not fair, and that social and cultural environment influences chances to be smart or dommy. ** [From the Author’s Book: Personality Types and Stress Management, 2008, on Amazaon.]

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