Tips to Keep Good Employees

Tips to Keep Good Employees

Henry Ford propelled, literally, the United States of America forward when he rolled out his Model T cars in the early 1900s.  By 1914, half of the vehicles plying America’s network of roads was manufactured by the Ford Company and even ordinary employees were able to buy these practical and affordable vehicles by applying for small cash loans or saving up for one.  Unfortunately, the Ford legacy was not all about achievement and success.  Henry Ford II, his grandson, replaced him as president.  At first, he surrounded himself with good leaders to help manage the company.  However, as the company became successful, Henry Ford II felt threatened and was known to undermine his company leaders and meddle in the professional and personal lives of his employees.  This resulted to an exodus of good executives which hurt the growth of the company.

Behind a successful company or business are many hardworking and committed employees—from the chief executive officer to the filing clerk.  It is very important for the company leaders to find and keep the right people for the benefit of the business.  To paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt, the best executives are the ones who have sense enough to pick good people to do what they want done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.  Here are some secrets for the company execs to be able to choose the best people from many and keep them as good employees.

Successful business owners and company executives already have specific qualities in mind when recruiting people.  And, one of valuable traits they are looking for future employees is the natural desire to learn.  Another secret for happy employees is they are encouraged to speak their mind.  Bosses and managers must cultivate an environment where anyone can voice any opinion and not just the management’s lines.  Aside from this, management experts advise company execs to make the office very comfortable by providing a spacious and well-ventilated office space, with lounge areas where employees can take a quick break from work and relax.  They should also provide for the needs of the employees—like food and drinks for finishing projects and deadlines through the night or other benefits such as health insurance or payday cash advances for financial emergencies.  These things make people comfortable and taken care of by their company.  They are likely to work hard and ensure the success of the company in return.

Lastly, the company leadership should offer committed employees a career path.  CEOs and boards of directors have the power to align the company’s development thrusts with the hopes and expectations of their employees.  As one management expert said, “The people’s capacity to achieve is determined by their leader’s ability to empower.”

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