Types Of Support!

Types Of Support!

Let me wish you a Happy Valentine Day! Valentine Day reminds me that the importance of loved ones. Without the support of my loved ones, I will not be able to concentrate on what I am trying to achieve. I feel that the best kind of support that I can get from my loved ones is whatever I choose to pursue, they will still love me. Whatever mistakes I have made, they will forgive me. Even Robert Kiyosaki has mentioned that his wife’s support has help to contribute to his financial freedom.

Other than the support of loved ones, what other supports do I need to achieve financial freedom?

Firstly, I need the support of a mentor. It is easily to get confused in the struggle for financial success. I may feel overwhelmed with tons of questions and unknown. How should I go able achieve my dreams? What should I do first? All these issues can be easily cleared with the help of a mentor. This is because the mentor has already walked the path before. He is experienced enough to know how to solve the issue.

For example, if I want to become a business owner as defined by the cashflow quadrant, then I may want to start an online educational business that market the educational products even though I am sleeping. But I will be confused on how to go about driving traffic to my website. Should I pay and advertise in the Internet? Should write articles about the business? Should I do email marketing? Should I optimized my website for search engines? In the end, I will loss focus totally. That is where a good mentor plays an important part. He will be able to advise me on how to go about doing it systematically.

Secondly, I need the support of friends. Real friends will give me support no matter what I choose to pursue in life. But that doesn’t mean they will not tell me off if they feel that I am trying to pursue something that is not advisable. If I still decide to pursue it after hearing them out, they will respect my decision and give me their support.

For example, if I want to quit my job to build a business, they may advise me that it is quite risky as there will not be a steady income for a period of time. According to statistics, most start up businesses will fail in the first few years. But the moment I have made up my mind, they will respect and support my decision by advising me on how to build or improve my business. They will no longer tell me otherwise.

Thirdly, I need the support of business partners. Robert Kiyosaki mentioned that getting rich is a team sport. I need the support of a team of business partners to make my business a success so that I can achieve financial freedom.

For example, if I want to build an online education business, then I will need to have business partners such as lawyer, accountant, Internet marketers and so on. I need the lawyer to help me on the legal aspect of the online business. I need an accountant to keep the accounts for the business. I need fellow Internet marketers to help me to market my education products.

Next, I need the support of the laws. Laws affect wealth creation and business owners. If the government is reputable and good, then the laws will be beneficial and encouraging to entrepreneur. I will feel more secure building wealth in a country where the laws are protective of investors.

For example, there are copyright laws to protect against piracy of the educational products offered by the online education business. And such laws are thoroughly enforced. In this way, I will feel safe and protected as an entrepreneur.

Then, I need the support of community. The community decides what is acceptable as a mean to achieve financial freedom. If the community feels that certain means are not beneficial, they will try to stop it by all means including legalizing.

For example, an online education business is acceptable to the community as a mean to achieve financial freedom. An online gambling business is not likely to be acceptable to a community such gambling is bad.

As you can see, there is a list of supports or conditions that are required to be present for one to achieve financial freedom. Thus, if I want to achieve financial freedom, I must choose a path that can capitalize on all these supports.


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