Ultimate Travel Luggage Guide

When preparing to travel away from home, there are a few steps to be taken to make packing the suitcases simple and also to reduce the trauma that packing might inflict. The plans for any trip requiring an over-night stay should include purchasing a complete set of luggage of very good quality. This up-front investment will return huge benefits over the coming years.

From trips for business purposes to those that are taken for leisure pursuits, a great set of quality luggage is a must. The price may seem a bit high and unnecessary at first glance, but when the future uses of the set are factored in, the investment is a wise one. There will be no need to replace the luggage in just a few months or years as there would be with low quality pieces. Good quality luggage can last a decade or more of heavy use, and a lifetime of moderate use.

When considering a prospective purchase, sturdy and strong zippers are an obvious feature to look for. Interior compartments should also be available, preferably with niches inside as well. These keep everything in the correct place and make the contents easy to find. They also keep everything inside nice and neat in its proper place.

An outside pocket is also a nice feature. Rather than having to open the whole bag, outside compartments offer easy access to things such as plane tickets, travel directions, medications, and other items that need to be kept close at hand. This is also a great place to store a magazine or a book to ease the boredom of any unexpected delays.

A retractable handle is an important feature and the addition of wheels is a must-have. Once packing is complete, many suitcases are much too heavy to carry comfortably for a long distance. Smaller pieces of the set can most likely be secured to larger cases giving the ability to roll along multiple bags comfortably at once.

The ability to add a lock to a bag is also important to think about. These locks offer a measure of security while the luggage goes through transit as well as when the bags are left unattended in an empty hotel suite. Styles are widely available in a number of sizes to suit any bag and may be opened with a key, combination, or both.

An additional bonus that is gained when a nice, matching set is purchased is that the pieces are also pleasing to the eye. If the print or color is unusual, this also helps a person to more easily spot the correct bags at the baggage pick up location. Another plus of a unique design is the lowered risk of another person picking up the wrong bag by accident when the style chosen is very common and widely available.

Traveling should be an enjoyable overall experience. Don’t allow baggage malfunctions or deficiencies to create stressful situations that could easily have been avoided. Spend the little time needed to seek out and invest in a good quality set of cases beforehand that will provide many years of great stress reducing service in the future.

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