Vincent Ortega Music Mary Kay Event Feel the Power!!!

OrtegaJr.Com Mary Kay’s Principles of Faith, Family & Career A Video I created for a skit “The View” at a Mary Kay event in Florida For 500+ Woman!!!! How awesome is the Lord to Give me the Opportunity to Spread His Word Among So many People Already!!!! YOU ARE MY FIRE1 Corinthians 3:13-15 Jesus..jeeejuss..i said jesus Jesus you are my fire The one I love And so desire (so desire) Show me how to spread your love And bring people to heaven above(heaven above) (show me how to bring people to your love) The gospel is the way to your heart But why do people gotta tear it apart(tear it apart) Dont tear it apart Tear it apart Why cant we just all be one And spread your love to everyone(gotta spread your love) Dont let them do that to your word (Spread your love to everyone) We wanna Spread your love (jesus Christ died for our sins) We wanna Spread your love(love) Cant you just give everyone grace Cause being born again has no race Nooooo race(nooohohooo race) Everyones the same Oh the same today Everyone is now the same No short no fat Were all in your name(your name) How amazing The lord is. How amazing is The Lord Hes so amazing I wanna thank you everyday (thank him everyday) I wanna thank you everyday Just show me the way(for showing me the way) To your heart JesusI said jesus Jesus jesus jesus The love for lord I know youll help me through(I said jesus) Jesus Christ is true(you are my fire) Jesus you are my fire(my soul desire) The one I love and so

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