Ways to Spot Fraudulent Products from Bags Distributors

Buying from bag distributors means that you also need to exercise due diligence in spotting which products are fraudulent or not particularly if you’re planning to purchase online. Purchasers anticipate quality for each buy they make and they also desire to be able to encounter buying with out getting taken advantage of. Be sure that the supplier that you are attempting to buy from has a legitimate physical address or contact number. This is actually a good indication that the distributor is open to calls of problems, queries and also other issues, if there are any. It is wise to contact the distributor’s contact number before doing business with them. You can also ask about return guidelines, distribution agreements and warranties on the product that you are planning to buy. Spotting fraudulent bags is quite a difficult habit if you don’t know what to look for. Also, even experts get tricked at times. Here are a few guidelines on how to make sure that the bag you are buying is not fake:


Look at the zipper as well as the shape of the bag. Authentic producers make sure that the zippers of their bags open and close properly and most of the designer ones have their trademarks embossed on not just the zippers but on all bag hardware. Similarly, you must also take a close look at the shape of the bag. Designer bag producers take terrific problems in identifying proportional products utilizing high quality resources. If a product seems a bit heavy on one side, it could be a fake bag. In addition, designer web sites normally disclose bag sizes and you must always guarantee that the bags that you select have the similar dimension as those in the website.

Spelling and Quality of Prints

Look closely at the tags or even labels. Some items come with files that have delightful embossing, together with care labels. Additionally, verify if all spellings and trademarks are correct. Many counterfeited products do not truly put much time creating quality trademarks and tags. Serial numbers are also embossed inside the bag and you may examine the authenticity by inputting in the number for proof. Several bag distributors also fall trap on fake good deliveries so it is not unusual for many people to also get fooled by bad business practices.


The material, whether fabric, leather-based or PVC must be stitched together proportionally and should not have run threads and skipped areas anywhere on the bag. Moreover, several bags have lining, while others don’t. Also be aware that some luxury bag’s linings are created from sturdy cotton that’s never sparkly and is very sturdy and thick to touch. Also, sewing should be precise so that the material must appear to be one constant bag where cloth does not end. Louis Vuitton is an excellent example of luxurious bag designer that utilizes a single constant cloth with all of its products. This is the cause why only one side of an LV bag needs to have upright monograms, while the other shouldn’t. These are generally only several of the suggestions that you must bear in mind prior to buying a new as well as costly bag.

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