What are some Canadian ways of saying mean stuff?

Question by Eric S: What are some Canadian ways of saying mean stuff?
For example take these phrases:

Non-Canada – “You can rot in he*l
Canada – “You should go to where the sun doesn’t shine”

Non-Canada – “You are a sicko and get the ph**k away from me
Canada – “You should get outside more.”

Non-Canada – “Taking nukes and blowing up every country on earth for absolutely no reason.”
Canada – “Being pseudo-patriotic and overstating the teachings of Charles Darwin.”

Non-Canadian – “That guy is mentally ***** (FYI I didn’t type the bad word, I used my own astericks)”
Canadian – “That guy needs to stop putting cheese in his coffee.”

Non-Canadian – “No offense, but your country is run by a dictator who should be thrown in jail for his actions.”
Canadian – “Well….as far as this discussion goes……..we all promised we’d behave ourselves

Non-Canadian – “Getting ****ed at strip joints
Canadian – “Giving some jing to the peelers.”

What are some other Canadian examples of alternative word usage?

Best answer:

Answer by Pinkie
Instead of beanie they say toque.

Instead of breezers they say hockey pants.

Instead of jersey they say sweater.

Instead of hello they say goodbye, I don’t know why they say goodbye I say hello 🙂

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