What Are the Two Greatest Secrets About the Law of Attraction?

What Are the Two Greatest Secrets About the Law of Attraction?

There are two reasons why the Law of Attraction is the greatest secret in the world.

Secret #1 About the Law of Attraction

The first reason that It is the greatest secret in the world is that through the knowledge of this immutable, omnipresent Law, each and every one of us has the ability to totally transform our lives for the better, in any way we choose.

That’s right. No matter what your circumstances are at the moment, by learning how It works in conjunction with the other supporting Laws of Life, you will be able to attract literally anything you want into your life.

Stripped to its most basic explanation, the Law states that What You Think About, You Bring About.

Think of it this way. Our minds are like toolboxes, and within those toolboxes are thoughts. These are the tools we use to build our lives. It is through our choice of thoughts that we create and then experience our reality.

The thoughts that we spend most of our time focusing on are the ones that will be used to pull similar experiences and conditions from the Universe into our lives.

No matter what your circumstances, no matter what your age, no matter what you have experienced in the past, you can come to a decision now to change your habitual thinking in order to change your life.

Secret #2 About the Law of Attraction

The second reason that this Law is the greatest secret in the world is that throughout history, the elite ruling classes have done their utmost to keep it a secret. From the time of the ancient Babylonians right up until modern times, history shows us that the elite have felt threatened by the very idea that the masses would one day learn of Its existence, and use it to better their lives.

In order to prevent that, those in positions of power and/or wealth have often taken extraordinary measures to make sure that the secret stays a secret. It is not that they do not believe in or practice It, – it’s just that they have always preferred to keep this knowledge to themselves, – their own little secret.

In fact, when Napoleon Hill published the precursor to Think and Grow Rich in 1925, Henry Ford led the movement to have it pulled off the market. Ford wanted the book to contain just enough information to allow people to experience a little success.

He definitely did not want all of the secrets that people like Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison, etc. had used to get rich.

Ford successfully got the first book pulled off the market, and when Think and Grow Rich was published ten years later, it lacked many of the more powerful essentials, or Laws, that his original manuscript had contained.

As you can see, the richest men in the world did not want the real secrets of the Law of Attraction that they themselves had used to succeed to be made available to the masses.

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Bea Magnan has been fascinated with anything and everything to do with Metaphysics, the mind, and the power of thought ever since someone gave her a copy of Claude M. Bristol’s, “The Magic of Believing.”

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