What do “hounded out” and “baying blogosphere” mean in?

Question by studentdx: What do “hounded out” and “baying blogosphere” mean in?
I have seen Orville interview one notable speaker after another on this subject. His friend Alan Rushbridger, the editor of Britain’s Guardian, was here to discuss it. So was Dan Rather, a former anchor of CBS News who was hounded out of this job by a baying blogosphere.

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Answer by JTRaceFan
Hounded out means that he was forced to resign by people attacking him. Taken from fox hunting, where hounds are used to chase a fox until it is too tired to run.

Baying is just a continuation of the “hound” analogy, “baying” is the sound that a pack of hounds make.

Blogosphere is a term used for people posting their opinions on the internet.

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