What do you think about this Arizona Latino Group Criticizes DoJ Lawsuit?

Question by THE GREATEST GODDESS JILL: What do you think about this Arizona Latino Group Criticizes DoJ Lawsuit?
PHOENIX – An Arizona Latino group has some harsh words for the Obama administration. The Arizona Latino Republican Association, a conservative Latino group, says the Department of Justice lawsuit is “frivolous.”

In a statement, ALRA Chairman Jesse Hernandez said, “The original premise for the U.S. Justice Departments lawsuit against Arizona was that SB 1070 violated civil rights and encouraged racial profiling. When that no longer remained applicable, the Administration changed course and now alleges that Arizona’s law is unconstitutional, barring the state its right to enforce federal law and crack down on illegal immigration.”
Hernandez continued to add that the administration’s lawsuit is a waste of taxpayer dollars and that the government should spend the money securing the border and enforcing its own immigration laws.

“The U.S. Department of Justice maintains that it is the federal government and the federal government alone, that has the responsibility to address immigration, secure the nations borders, and enforce immigration laws. If that is true, then what is a state to do when the federal government refuses to do its job?

“Moreover, the courts have repeatedly held that states may enforce federal laws, so their legal argument is hollow. Finally, numerous cities and states already have in place laws like SB1070, yet the Obama Administration has never challenged any of them. This is a political stunt, paid for by the taxpayers of this country, although the ultimate price will likely be paid by President Obama and his allies in November,” said State Representative Steve Montenegro, a Hispanic community leader.

The ALRA says the United States’ immigration system is “dysfunctional” and supports the right for Arizona to defend its border from unlawful entry.

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Answer by johnny
Aaahhhh America. The land of “I didn’t get my way so I’m going to sue someone”.

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