What should I change my last name to?

Question by Andy: What should I change my last name to?
My last name is “Hu”. It’s of chinese origin, you know the current president of the PRC has the same last name.

But the problem is, the pronunciation is ambiguous in english. People say “Who” (then they proceed to make the ‘knock knock’ jokes) or “Hue”. The correct pronunciation is similar to the former but I would just like the change it all together.

I thought about:

Hugh, or

But I think that misrepresents my identity a bit because I am not caucasian at all.

I also considered ambiguous last names like:

Floy or Fox

So anybody got some good suggestions? I would really like a last name that doesn’t mean anything or denote any race.. like “Steve Jobs”. Johnson and Smith names are too “white for me”.
I know, but I’m also looking for a business/legal career in the future, I also don’t want people to discriminate based on my race (often people look at a name and won’t consider you as a candidate for a client, lawyer… etc etc).

How does

Hugh Andrew Snow

Sound? people call me Andy and I think I’ll leave it as a middle name.
One of the primary reasons I’m changing my last name is because I’ve had a bad relationship with my family. I think they will be uncomfortable but something like this is probably expected of me.

Best answer:

Answer by fwatkins6
My personal opinion is to leave your name as it is, people won’t be doing “knock, knock” jokes in your future.

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