When are Atheists going to realize that Science has had their fair share of Charlatans too?

Question by Atheist Slayer: When are Atheists going to realize that Science has had their fair share of Charlatans too?
Historically, the proponents of evolution have committed countless examples of fraud, in which an ape jaw was added to a human cranium, reconstructions were produced from a single fossil pig’s tooth showing the imaginary social lives of ape-men, or feathers were added to dinosaur fossils.

The Burgess Fossils that show clear evidence that all of the phyla from the past and even existing in the present day, had emerged suddenly and at the same time, around 530 million years ago.

This discovery completely did away with the Darwin “evolutionary tree” that presumed that phyla began with one species that branched off over long periods of time.

Right at the beginning of the history of life, complex features were displayed with ever-more complex fossil specimens representing a total of 50 distinct phyla, and numerous species, yet they remained hidden from the world for over 70 years because the finder of the these fossils, was a devout “Darwinist”.

Atheists constantly say that the discoveries of Science refute the testament of Creation mentioned in Genesis. Yet when branches of Science do find out simple truths that contradict Evolution, they tend to ignore these facts, or try to keep them hidden away as Charles Burgess did.

(if you find the link unacceptable, look up Charles Burgess in Wiki)
Charles Doolitle Walcott.
Burgess Shale
“The Burgess Shale has nothing even remotely modern.” yeah, they’re fossils, most fossils are not “modern”, lol

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Answer by dkk2
Science isn’t a religion. They don’t have “charlatans” they have bad scientists who are discredited then not respected amongst other scientists. See how science works is they use SCIENTIFIC PROCESS. For every one scientist you can prove faked fossil records, I can show you a hundred christian leaders who are frauds, and lying thieves.

edit I looked up Charles Burgess in wiki and all I got was a link to a politician who was also a professional cricket player. Tried Google and all I got was a link to this question. I’m already starting to question your claims, as it seems the only ‘evidence’ you have to your claim comes from an extremely fundamentalist christian website who also does not cite sources.

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