why do atheists think science created them?

Question by Alex: why do atheists think science created them?
Your theory by Charles Darwin” is causing all of you turn to the wrong path.. it may seem true. but it’s A LIE created by the devil to think god is not your creator. the bible tells you cleary there, that God created erverything. THERES your proof.

Remember: there will be people who deny god. that is why only a few will enter the kingdom of god.

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Answer by Witch
Why do theists open their mouths without the slightest clue about what they’re saying?

1. Go to a dictionary and look up the word “atheist”

When you’ve digested that…

2. Open the dictionary again and look up the word “proof”

You currently don’t know the meaning of either. Please understand that public stupidity in the name of religion is unlikely to make fewer atheists.

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