Why do some people say “socialism is a government by the working class rather than the wealthy elite”?

Question by CaptainFreon: Why do some people say “socialism is a government by the working class rather than the wealthy elite”?
I read that somewhere and posted it as a question. Here are my thoughts and ideas to further explain the question:

From a particular point, that question does sound almost treasonous because….We already have a people’s government, as explained by:

1) The Constitution: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility…”

2) Abraham Lincoln “….that government of the people, by the people, for the people…..”

At least that is how it’s supposed to be…. times be a changing though.

There is a burning at the heart of the nation…. Then Queen Pelosi callously calls “the people” at grass root tea parties “Astro turf”…. “the people” were peacefully protesting her, Mr. Obama, and Congresses complete disregard to fiscal responsibility… Now Queen Pelosi insults and de-humanizes “the people” further by adding the swastika to “the people”.

Then again, Rep. David Scott (D-Georgia) calls someone at a town hall meeting an Astro Turf Nazi protester… ERRR, that “Nazi” as he put it, is in fact one of his own constituents, a medical doctor to be specific. Our elected officials need to actually read or kept track of their emails, then they would not be surprised about the people’s anger.

The Washington elitists (aka little gods in their own minds) live in their own world far far away from “the people”. They seem quite clueless about and aloof from “the people”. At this point in American history, what will happen next? Will the Socialists take over, and what will happen to the Constitution? It seems “the people” are in the Constitution by word only, but not in real life.





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Answer by Soltan
As a percentage of GDP profits, workers in the USA are getting ripped off by the wealthiest families.

If employers refuse to pay a just wage, workers will seek economic justice through taxation.

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