Why We Want You To Be Rich Book Review

Why We Want You To Be Rich Book Review

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Why We Want you to be Rich, is a strongly suggested read if you are looking to get away from the corporate world. If you have no experience in the business world, this book will be overwhelming. They cover things such as investing in real estate, investing in stocks, problems with mutual funds and financial advisors and mindset. They are also very passionate about teaching you where to put your money once you have it.

Many people today continue to live life in the corporate battle of the work pyramid. Trump and Kiyosaki advise that there are many options out there and that many types of passionate person can be rich if they put their minds to it.

Roberts is a well known author known for the Rich Dad education series. His writing style is more story telling than Trumps. Kiyosaki’s repetitive mention of his company does get annoying and he uses a lot of the same images over and over again.

Trump however writes like he talks in the boardroom, short and to the point. This is the style I prefer when I’m reading a book for educational purposes.

Overall this book covers everything if you are a beginner or an expert in the world of un-corporate jobs. Their passion is expressed through their knowledge and their desire to help others achieve what they want without government help.

There are many great tips about how to get started in the investing world. Kiyosaki lists several advantages and disadvantages of investments.

There are many books that encourage you to invest or become a business owner pro, this one definitely will have more impact on you because you know who Donald Trump is, where he came from and what he does.

Learning from the best is the key to success!

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