Why You May Never Drive a Brown Car

Why You May Never Drive a Brown Car

Early in American automotive history, Henry Ford declared that consumers could have any color car they wanted as long as it was black. And all the cars produced by Ford were black. People attributed this to his eccentricity. While Henry was an eccentric, this decision was a logical business move. At that time, black cars were less expensive to produce. Given Henry’s dream to produce an affordable automobile for America’s working class, every cost cutting measure contributed to efficient production. However, times changed. With improved technology, paint manufacturing methods also changed. The result was cars became available in a wide range of colors.

And color more than any other factor is wide open to choice. As research has demonstrated, many of the factors which determine car choices are emotional. In spite of that, buyers are also governed by certain constraints. A farmer needs a pickup for his business, a plumber needs a van, a soccer mom has to have a station wagon. All of them might want a two seater sports car, but given their lifestyle, the two seater is out of the question unless they can afford a second car. However, color is another matter. They may be locked into a certain body style but they have a wide choice of colors to adorn the body.

So what do they choose and why? And why are some colors available but not others?

Automobile manufacturers design cars with an image in mind. So the colors are chosen to convey the image. And when manufacturers decide to introduce a new color, it is usually on a new model.

So who chooses what color? Research has proved that yellow is the safest color and gray is the least safe color for a car. Yet, in spite of the fact that safety is a factor for many people in choosing the make and body style of a car, few people drive yellow cars while grey cars are popular.

White is the second highest selling car color. There is a joke that people who buy white cars are those who love polishing and detailing their car more than driving it. And for people practicing Feng Shui, if the attached garage is in the Children and Creativity section of their home, a white car is a perfect choice as white is the color for this section.

Long after Henry Ford black is still the most popular selling car color. Black is a popular color for luxury cars which are available in various tones of black from matte to _________________.

The fourth most popular color is red. Red evokes passion, speed, and living in the fast lane. Red suggests Ferrari even though you can’t afford the Ferrari.

And the most popular color is silver. Why silver?
Silver is high tech. It says you’re modern and with the times.

Yet the car of the future may be blue. Automotive manufacturers are promoting blue. However, up until now, consumers haven’t decided to buy blue.

And what do you do if your favorite color is brown or orange? You’ll probably have to shell out for a custom paint job. This will be expensive but since you’ll most likely be the only one on the road you’ll be unique. Only you can decide it’s a worthwhile investment.

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