You have the right to be not offended?

Question by CrowsFeet: You have the right to be not offended?
Shouldn’t there be more free speech on here? It’s very limited. One of my friend’s was banned and she didn’t ask anything wrong, she just asked a question about one of her favorite authors and said that she admired him and she was docked 10 points. What’s bad about “chatty” questions like “who likes Brittany Spears?” That’s not really all that personal. You can have a question about anal sex, but those personal questions, like “Who agrees with Charles Darwin?” are just too personal….riiight.
I just don’t feel that it is fair to dock points just because *gasp* someone, somewhere might just be…offended. If you don’t want to read what someone has to say just avoid it.

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Answer by Eryc M
your friend probably got looked up by the right @sshole at the wrong time. i agree people can be modest, some do that just b/c they “feel” insulted.

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