A great way to avoid airline baggage fees is to use overnight bags.

If you are flying to your destination, an easy way to save money is by using overnight bags. Almost every airline requires you to pay a baggage fee. Ranging from $15 to $25 per bag, each way, they add up quickly. A couple with a 2 bags each round-trip might cost upwards of $200. And since ticket prices continue to rise, as well as everything else associated with air travel, you have to cut costs where you can.

The checked baggage fee is one of the easiest costs to eliminate. If you haven’t traveled much lately, you might not have noticed that the airlines will let you get on the plane with just about any size bag you want. They still say they have size requirements for carry on bags, but no one really enforces these rules anymore. Use your judgement though, as they won’t let you on the plane with an obviously over-sized bag. Besides, you still have to get your bag through the x-ray machine at security. But recently I have seen some bags that looked like they were testing the limits of overhead compartments.

This is what you’ll want to do. Hop on the Internet and perform a Google or Amazon.com search for “overnight bags”. This will provide you with an enormous variety of choices of bags. The search term is important because overnight bags are typically of the size that will easily fit in an overhead compartment or beneath the seat in front of you.

These bags have lots of great features. For one they are extremely easy to pack and unpack. Many of them have lots of pockets on the inside and the outside of the bag. This makes organizing your stuff a breeze. They typically come with handles and a detachable shoulder strap. Handles are perfect for most situations. But the strap comes in really handy when you’ve loaded your bag with stuff and need to huff it through the airport to catch a connecting flight. Some of the bags even come with a stow-away handle and wheels for rolling the bag.

Because they are typically constructed out of flexible materials, overnight bags have some big advantages over roll-aboard luggage. They are a breeze to get through security. Even when filled to capacity these bags can be squeezed into tight spaces that a rigid bag won’t fit into. This is important when going through security and also when you’re trying to store your bag on the plane. Now days overhead compartments are full on just about every flight so having a flexible bag helps to ensure your bag will fit. This isn’t always the case with roll-aboard bags.

Many bags are also designed to carry specific items such as a laptop. Typically it will be in a separate, zippered and padded compartment. This helps protect your computer from other bags when stowed. These laptop compartments are also EXTREMELY convenient when going through security, since you will be required to remove your laptop from your bag every time you go the scanners. Knowing exactly where your laptop is, and being able to quickly remove and replace it is a huge time saver. There’s nothing worse than standing at the other end of the scanners barefoot with no belt on trying to stuff your laptop into a bag full of other stuff. Ah the joys of travel.

Overnight bags come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. As with anything else, you can pay a lot for a nicer bag, or save some money by going with less expensive fabrics. But don’t worry about it being cheap. There are plenty of inexpensive bags out there that are made from strong nylons and other durable fabrics. Just do a bit of research, and read lots of reviews on any of the bags that catch your attention. All in all, traveling with an overnight bag can be a great way to save some money when you’re traveling.

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